3D design and modeling

We professionally prepare technical documentation. Thanks to our experience and advanced CAD software, we are able to create accurate 3D models, technical drawings and full design documentation.

We offer the following technical documentation services:

  • creating 2D and 3D documentation based on our measurements
  • creating 2D and 3D documentation based on provided drawings and samples
  • modifications to existing technical documentation
  • creating 3D models from existing 2D documentation
  • creating 2D documentation based on 3D models or 3D scans
  • measurements with a measuring machine
  • design and construction of tools
  • creating technical documentation based on SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Inventor

We also offer consultations on technical documentation and tool construction, including:

  • technical and implementation consulting
  • design and construction of stamping dies, blanking dies, injection molds, punches and dies
  • design and construction of technical equipment and machine parts
  • selection of appropriate material for given working conditions

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