Die-sets standard parts


Guiding elements

Products meet the highest requirements for surface smoothness and shape tolerance, and compliance with standards guarantees full interchangeability both between different types of guides and with the standards of other manufacturers.

Our offer includes:

  • guide pillars according to ISO 9182, DIN 9833, AFNOR
  • steel bushes according to ISO 9448
  • bushes with bronze inserts according to ISO 9448
  • self-lubricating bushes according to 9448, NAAMS, DIN 9834
  • bushes with ferrite inserts according to ISO 9448
  • ball guides according to ISO 9448

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Manufactured by the Japanese company TOHATSU, the coil springs guarantee the highest load capacity while maintaining maximum spring life.

The group of products we offer includes:

  • springs for stamping dies to ISO 10243
  • springs for stamping dies to JIS B 5012
  • round wire compression springs
  • disc springs

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Elastomer springs

An alternative to steel springs are springs made of polyurethane elastomer, available in diameters from Ø12 to Ø150 in several hardness groups: 70, 80, 90 and 95 Shore, as well as special plates and fittings.

Advantages of elastomer springs:

  • ease of installation and change
  • high wear resistance
  • resistance to oils and greases
  • transmission of high loads with small dimensions
  • in case of failure they do not damage the tool

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Gas springs

Founded in 1982, AZOLGAS is the first European manufacturer of gas springs for sheet metal forming tools. AZOLGAS gas springs are widely used in metal stamping, injection molding, special machines and industrial automation.

Advantages of gas springs:

  • force can be adjusted by changing the nitrogen pressure
  • springs can work in a connected system
  • high force transferred with relatively small dimensions
  • uniform increase in force depending on the spring stroke
  • no need to use preload
  • much longer life time counted in millions of working cycles
  • are not subject to the process of deposition and material fatigue

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Sliding elements

Sliding elements are mainly used as guides in stamping, injection molding, assembly jigs and other mechanical engineering projects. A wide product range in dimensions and types allows the selection of standard solutions for almost all possible applications.

Properties of sliding elements:

  • maintenance-free
  • abrasion resistant
  • low coefficient of friction
  • max operating temperature about 200°C
  • no harmful substances
  • corrosion resistant
  • resistant to dynamic loads

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Numbering stamps

Numbering stamp with interchangeable fonts complement our range of standardized products for stamping. They are commonly used in progressive and transfer stamping machines.

Additionally we offer:

  • stamps for embossing inscriptions, graphic signs, logos
  • multi-function numbering stamps
  • embossing stamps
  • marking inserts and holders of inserts according to customer requirements
  • marking wheels
  • electrodes

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We supply high-quality standardized die-sets manufactured by the German company RSB Stahl. They are used in the production of various types of punched and stamped parts.

They are available in versions:

  • 2-plates (without intermediate plate)
  • 3-plates (with intermediate plate)
  • size range from 250x160x32 mm to 710x630x63 mm.

Standard guide elements can be used in die-sets:

  • pillars without a flange or with a flange
  • steel bushes, self-lubricating, with bronze insert or ball guides