Gas springs

It is hard to imagine the construction of press tools, blanking tools or injection moulds without the usa of various types of springs. Engineers have been using helical and disc springs for a long time, later elastomer springs were introduced and a few years after that time dynamic growth of technology enhanced the springs range by gas springs. Due to their many advantages, gas springs have gradually begun replacing helical and elastomer springs. A gas spring is nothing more than a container filled with nitrogen with a maximum pressure of 180 bar. Particular types of gas springs vary in construction, operating parameters, and the insertion process.

AZOLGAS is a pioneer in the design and production of gas springs in accordance with the Quality Management System, as one of the first manufacturers in 1994 it obtained the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland. As a result of further commitment to the improvement of quality standards, AZOLGAS received the ISO 14001 certificate. In addition, AZOLGAS springs are manufactured in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/CE for Pressure Equipment (PED), which was confirmed in 2002 by a certificate issued by ATISAE.

Advantages of gas springs:

  • force can be adjusted by changing the nitrogen pressure
  • gas springs can work in linked system
  • high force transferred with relatively small dimensions
  • possibility of achieving a much larger working stroke of the tool
  • stable increase in force depending on the spring stroke
  • no need to apply preload
  • much longer service life counted in millions of working cycles
  • not subject to the process of deposition and material fatigue

Types of gas springs

MINI series

● Smallest size of gas springs

● Lowest contact force
(50-360 daN)

● Perfect replacement for coil springs

● Used as part ejectors, pushers or strippers

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ISO series

● ISO Standard gas springs

● High contact force
(150-10000 daN)

● Comply with major automotive standards

● Used as die separator and in deep drawing

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CD - CM - GN

● Standard size gas springs (same as ISO) - type AG

● Higher contact force
(300-18500 daN)

● Specified by ISO - VDI standards

● Used for heavy duty work

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FD - CK - CT

● Medium size gas springs

● Medium range contact force
(350-5000 daN)

● Ideal for stampers of small parts

● Used for cam return

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● Compact size gas springs

● High contact force
(350-20000 daN)

● Comply with major automotive standards

● Widely used in progressive press tools and in hot forming

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● Full height size gas springs

● The highest contact force
(150-8000 daN)

● Limited strokes (up to 80 mm)

● Used for extra heavy duty work

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POWER series

● The largest height size gas springs

● The highest contact force
(420-18300 daN)

● Limited strokes (do 65 mm)

● Bore sealed gas springs for extra heavy duty work

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● Compact size gas springs

● Medium range contact force
(300-1000 daN)

● Perfect for work in injection molds

● Increased operating temperature up to 120ºC

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● Lowest gas springs

● Medium range contact force
(350-5000 daN)

● Strongest in relation to diameter

● Used at higher frequencies

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Linked systems

The main purpose of using nitrogen linked systems in tools is to unify the pressure in individual gas springs. Thanks to this, the distribution of forces throughout the tool is uniform. The control panel located outside the tool allows you to control and adjust the working pressure of the entire system.

Advantages of nitrogen linked systems:

  • balance the force in different areas of the tool
  • load, unload and adjust pressure
  • control the pressure through a control panel
  • monitor and automate response actions using sensors

Types of nitrogen linked systems:

  • M8x1 - the most compact connected system for use in gas springs with an M6 charging port
  • S12,65x1,5 (G1/8" Minimess) - themost popular automotive standard, versatile with an easy coupling system
  • M12x1,5 - intended for gas springs with high volume or high gas flow requirements
  • 7/16” - intended for gas springs with high volume or high gas flow requirements
  • 9/16” - recommended for high-vibration applications

Controlled gas springs

Pressing operations in modern tools often require the return of the gas spring piston rod to take place independently of the return movement of the press slider. To meet these challenges, AZOLGAS has created a number of solutions that allow you to slow down or even stop the return movement of the piston rod. A wide range of controlled gas springs makes it possible to:

  • minimise the impact of the return force
  • reduce wear on gas springs and press components
  • save energy consumption
  • reduce the number of operations and the tool dimensions
  • prevent part deformation

DN series

Experiencing rebound and wear of press and die components?
Use the DN gas springs for progressive pressure increase and smooth acceleration.

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VAM series

Problems with the blank holder rebound?
Try the VAM gas springs, designed to achieve a delay effect so that the spring returns at a constant slowed speed.

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BSF series

Need to do double forming of complex parts in a one-press stroke?
Use the BSF-BSV controlled gas springs technology , particularly suitable for hot stamping.

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Hot forming solutions

The New Mobility challenges of self-driving, connected and environmentally sustainable vehicles have led the automotive industry to expand the use of hot-stamping technology to metal sheet structural car parts.

Unfortunately, the hot stamping process itself takes place in an extremely unfavourable environment, where there are liquid or solid impurities, rust, and high temperatures.

The hot-stamping process creates a harsh working environment (solid-liquid and rust contamination) that significantly reduces the lifetime of gas springs and standard die components. Thanks to 15 years of field experience in hot-stamping applications, AZOLGAS can offer widely tested and suitable technical multi-technology (gas-hydraulic-pneumatics) solutions for hot forming.

PS / PV / PC

Lower productivity due to difficult working conditions?
Use AZOLGAS protection solutions to ensure a longer service life of your gas springs.

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Do you want to perform additional operations during one press cycle?
Use BSF controlled springs, suitable for hot stamping.

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Need to strip and lift hot-formed parts?

Try HSCE compact hydraulic ejectors.

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