Mould components


Ejector pins

The highest manufacturing tolerances and surface finish quality are the speciality of one of the world's largest manufacturers of injection mould ejector pins, Gebruder Eberhard. Material structure testing and regular inspection of the raw material supply, a computer-controlled vacuum hardening shop, microstructure testing after heat treatment, CNC numerically controlled grinding machines, state-of-the-art in-process measurement and final inspection systems are the basis for creating the highest quality products.

In our offer, you will find the following ejector pins:

  • round - hardened and nitrided type AH and A
  • round - with countersunk head, hardened type D
  • stepped - hardened and nitrided type C and CH
  • flat - hardened and nitrided type FA and FAH
  • sleeves - hardened and nitrided
  • stainless steel and bronze

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Guiding elements

Standardised guiding elements have become a standard in the construction of injection moulds, providing an easier design and mould construction process. High precision and durability are their most important parameters. Our partner, the Austrian company Wolf Normalien GmbH, specialises exclusively in the production of guiding and locating components for mould construction. Narrow specialisation and high-volume production batches are a guarantee of the highest quality. Products from the Wolf brand have gained the recognition of the most demanding European customers.

The range of products we offer includes:

  • guide pillars without and with centring flange
  • inclined guide pillars
  • steel guide bushes
  • self-lubricating guide bushes
  • locating sleeves
  • ball guides

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Date stamps and recycle inserts

Date stamps and recycle inserts are used in moulds to identify manufactured products.

You can mark your products with the following symbols:

  • date of production (year, month, week, day or shift)
  • material
  • tool index
  • cavity number
  • recycling symbol

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Heating elements for moulds

Industrial heating elements are aimed at all users who require high quality, reliability, excellent service, and good value for money.

The range of heating elements for moulds includes:

  • coil heaters 
  • cartridge heaters
  • nozzle heaters 
  • heaters for manifolds
  • thermocouples
  • temperature controllers

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Quick couplings for injection moulds

Parken Hannifin is a leading manufacturer of quick coupling systems known on the market under the Talkob brand and of accessories for building cooling systems in plastics processing.

Our offer includes:

  • quick couplings in the German standard (HASCO®)
  • quick couplings in the American standard (DME®)
  • quick couplings in the French standard (SATUBLI®)
  • multicouplings
  • hoses for water and oil
  • accessories for cooling systems

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Chemical preparations

Ambersil products are a group of specialised lubricants, release agents, cleaners and preservatives for the processing of all types of plastics, rubber, and composites.

Application of Ambersil products:

  • cleaning
  • lubrication
  • rust protection
  • welding
  • metal processing
  • flaw and leak detection
  • workshop work

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Tunnel gate inserts

Servomold's tunnel gate inserts are innovative design solutions that generate significant savings in the construction and use of injection moulds.


  • time and cost-saving
  • wear-resistant M2 tool steel (1.3343)
  • highest production process safety
  • trace of the injection overmould covered by bottom-up injection moulding
  • monolithic construction 
  • wide range of types and dimensions

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