Sintered plates

SINT300® products consist of a steel metal base on which a 2 mm layer of sintered material is applied which contains solid lubricants (graphite and MoS2) and liquid lubricant (oil) dispersed in homogeneous mode at microscopic level. 
Thus surface contact is more extensive thanks to the lack of the graphite cylinders and the self-lubricating effect is greatly improved.

Wear amount in opposition to steel  58÷60 HRC P*V=200

Self-lubricating SINT300® products offer higher performance than traditional bronze-graphite products (higher speed – higher specific pressure - increased P*V - greater working temperature range ) and allow movement in all directions with the same effectiveness. The higher performance of the self-lubricating sintered OMCR products allow more compact movement than traditional self-lubricating bronze-graphite products.







PV coefficient determining wear of material is product of the surface pressure P and the sliding speed V

Technical dataMaterial
SINT300®Bronz / Graphite
Max. specific pressure P (N/mm²)300100
Max. sliding speed V (m/min)4015
Maximum PV coefficient PV (N/mm² * m/min)300200
Working temperature range T (°C)from -40 to 250from -40 to 150

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